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Lavender goodies set
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Lavender goodies set

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This set includes 4 organic lavender products, a beautiful scented candle and complementary bag of fresh lavender with two heart shape soaps.

Pure organic lavender water -30 ml
Organic hydrosol refill -lavender & sage  for aromatherapy - 330 ml 
Organic hydrosol spray lavender and sage - 60 ml
Room lavender essence bottle with lavender stems and sticks 

100% PURE, PREMIUM LAVENDER & SAGE ORGANIC HYDROSOL:  The Hydrosol is distilled from the Lavender & sage plant at a high level of purity through steam distillation.
100% PURE AND NATURAL: Organic plant therapy uses no fragrances or additives and so our Organic Hydrosol has no such things. 
EASY TO USE: insert it in aromatherapy diffuser, and use it for 30 minutes session in any desired space.  As a spray: Cleansing skin freshener. Diffuse for cleansing effect while at home and work in between seeing guests or clients.
Benefits of sage: Antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti inflammatory, decongestant properties.
Ingredients: 100% lavender flower and sage plant 

LAVENDER WATER: SOOTHING FOR ALL SKIN ISSUES: Use it for overexposure, reddened or irritated skin, or on a baby’s bottom when dealing with occasional redness in the diaper area.
EASY TO USE: Keep a small spray bottle in your refrigerator and spritz when coming in from the sun to soothe any redness.
Ingredients: 100% lavender water mixed with its own oil extracted through pure distillation

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