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About Us

Welcome to our online store!Countrylifegifts

Here we believe its the little things that mean the most...that kindness really does matter and by this we try to obtain a more eco free lifestyle and doing so we provide natural products and one of a kind gifting all organic and animal cruelty free! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do in the process of creating something special for you and your loved ones.


About the creator!


I am a mother, a business woman. Besides my career I like to relax and create gifts for all gift's lovers. I love lavender, home decor and anything else in between. Every season is decorated with  special decoration, and the small and beautiful things are often the ones that bring lots of joy. I plant my own ORGANIC lavender culture, ship it in wonderful bouquets, bring an inviting air to every home with its fantastic scent. As a biochemist, I prepare a range of ORGANIC products out of lavender and plants, such as hydrosol, lavender water, room essence and soaps. All I use are the plants themselves. With these wonderful products I create GIFT SETS of decor to be placed anywhere in everyone's house.

Open your curiosity. Allow me to show you things you I create for you! Imagination has no limit!

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